Choosing the best monitor for the Xbox series S can be exciting and frustrating. Whether you are an avid Xbox series X or S player, you have many options. And to be honest, all PC gaming options seem the finest to you. If you are new to the gaming arena or before you hop onto the Xbox Series S peripheral buying spree, let us briefly explain how these gaming consoles evolved.

The Xbox Series X/S is the latest family of game consoles that take you on an exciting journey of next-generation video games.

These consoles come with more realistic lightning, improved response time, and maximum refresh frame rates of up to 120fps. Whether you connect it to your TV or your monitor, they all come with their unique benefits and disadvantages.

But we have got your back! This article will narrow down the best 3 gaming monitors for Xbox series S to help you decide which one to choose.

Our Selection Process

As you know, monitors are launched left, right and center almost fortnightly; hence, finding a great gaming monitor for your Xbox Series S can become difficult. The decision is challenging, whether it’s the screen size or the desk space, the gaming experience, the picture quality, or the budget.

Selecting a gaming monitor is an added responsibility, especially in the PC gaming arena. We spent a considerable amount of time finding the best gaming monitors and chose the top 3 gaming monitors for Xbox Series S based on numerous features. For example, their gaming performance, image quality, input lag, versatility, etc.

For an immersive gaming experience, you have to choose the right monitor, and we have three suggestions for you.

For a better understanding, please read below for our suggestions, including a FAQ section to help you choose from the best gaming monitors for the Xbox series S.

Samsung Odyssey G7

Premium Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G7

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Why Should You Buy It

Our first choice is the Samsung G7 from the Odyssey family. With a rapid refresh rate, a 1000R curvature, and a widescreen resolution, the Samsung Odyssey G7 is our first pick.

Available in two screen sizes, 27” and 32”, and a 1440p resolution, you get to choose your choice of sizes, and the resolution is ideal for an Xbox Series S.

It has a ridiculous 240hz refresh rate and a low 1ms response time which is superfast. The curved monitor also gives you a more immersive experience.

Moreover, it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the backlight giving the user a smooth run for a gaming experience. You will have a great response time with low input lag combined with Freesync, the variable refresh rate standard supported on the Xbox Series S.

Incidentally, it also has G-Sync, Nvidia's propriety variable refresh rate standard, to give you added flexibility for other hardware, such as a PC.

What To Look Out For

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a fantastic premium monitor with impressive gaming displays that are powerful enough to keep the Xbox series S/X but at a hefty price.

While the 1000R curved panel is a great feature to add to a gaming monitor, it comes with the drawbacks of a curved monitor. As with all curved monitors, off-center viewing is a no-go, and the stand, with its limited swivel adjustability, does little to alleviate this.

Secondly, the monitor is not a 4K resolution display which some may expect as its price point. However, the high refresh rate and the high-quality panel should mitigate this downside.

Many owners have issues with the stand's quality, which wobbles slightly when you set your screen at its tallest setting.

Nevertheless, it is a fantastic gaming monitor if you are not bothered about 4K gaming.


Superb Mid-Range 1440p Gaming Monitor


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Why Should You Buy It

Our second pick is the ASUS TUG VG27AQ gaming monitor, one of the best budget 1440p gaming monitors for the Xbox series S. Because of its high-end performance, many console gamers recommend it. Living in such inflated times, you want a gaming monitor that is affordable and has all the gaming features.

The ASUS budget gaming monitor has a 27-inch screen, 1440p resolution with a 165Hz IPS display.

Besides pairing with the Xbox S series, it works well with other gaming consoles and PCs.

What To Look Out For

ASUS TUF monitor is competitive with any other gaming monitor regarding its pricing and features. With typical pricing, the outstanding monitor also has multiple uses as well. Whether you use the screen for work or have a co-op gaming session, it’s your choice.

However, if you are a gamer who requires dynamic colors, sadly, the ASUS TUF VG27AQ is not made for you. The biggest drawback is its no support for HDR. Hence, the monitor limits the display of a broader spectrum of colors and contrast.

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ still surprises us with one of the best image qualities but with fewer dimming zones.

AOC 24G2

Great 1080p Budget Option 

AOC 24G2

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Why Should You Buy It

If you are someone who loves to get their hands on a near-frameless gaming monitor, then AOC24G2 is a good find for you. It has many valuable features and is one of the best monitors for the Xbox Series S.

It is excellent for extended gaming sessions, supporting wide viewing angles and brilliant colors. It has a rapid 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate with FreeSync support, an open standard available to all graphics cards and Xbox consoles. This monitor supports the necessities to run a smooth gaming session at an affordable price and makes it a steal. It is super cheap yet still delivers excellent picture quality.

What To Look Out For

While most console gamers may opt for a better gaming monitor, you should prefer buying the AOC 24G2 monitor solely for its simplicity at a super reasonable price.

With a low input lag and maximum refresh rate, it ticks all the boxes. However, minor motion blur can be observed, indicating that the 1ms response time is not always the case.

Also, note that it is a 1080p monitor. In contrast, our other two recommendations are 1440p which many gamers deem to be the sweet spot between sharp resolution without sacrificing the number of frames per second. However, if you intend to use the Xbox Series S 120 frames per second mode in demanding games, then the console is nearly always not going to output in 1440p resolution.

When purchasing from Amazon, keep an eye on the price, which fluctuates from $170-ish to $230-ish.

Xbox Series S Monitors FAQs

Finding the best monitor for Xbox Series S isn’t a piece of cake. There are multiple monitors, and every monitor has a mix of features. But it would help if you had a feature-rich monitor that can give you a real-time gaming experience and be your partner 24/7 without fail.

So, what to look out for when you want to purchase a gaming monitor? Although we have mentioned details about the 3 best monitors, there may be some questions in your head.

To find more promising information about the best monitors for Xbox Series S and the console itself, continue reading our FAQs section.

Do I Need HDMI 2.1 For My Xbox Series S?

Not really.

Since Xbox S does not support 4K gameplay, you don’t need the bandwidth of an HDMI 2.1 port. The Series S outputs up to 1440p to maintain a smooth gaming experience.

Does the Xbox support VRR?

It supports the FreeSync standard for variable refresh rate (VRR).

FreeSync is an open standard and is developed by AMD, who also manufactures the graphics processor in the Xbox Series S.

What Is Best For Playing an Xbox Series S On: A TV Or A Monitor?

It depends!

Playing on the couch will lend to using a TV but TVs with gaming features, such as VRR, are far more expensive than gaming monitors.

TV selection is also more limited as a small subset of TVs has the gaming features and fast refresh rate needed for gaming at 120 frames per second. All these qualities are present in a monitor at a far lower price, albeit at a smaller screen size.

What Is The Best Screen Size Of A Monitor For Playing On An Xbox Series S?

A 27-inch monitor is about the sweet spot for playing on an Xbox Series S. It’s the most common size for gaming monitors with the best value.

Is A Curved Monitor Better For Gaming?

It depends on your preferences.

Some people find curved monitors more immersive and easier to game on because they wrap around your field of vision.

However, others find curved monitors uncomfortable because they can create a sense of distortion if you are not positioned correctly.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's best for your gaming setup.

Final Thoughts On The Best Monitors for The Xbox Series S

You want the optimum experience while playing your favorite games on Xbox Series S. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with monitors, and finding the best one can become tiresome.

So, to reduce your burden of searching, we have done the hard work to present our 3 best monitors for the Xbox Series S. The monitors mentioned above have low input lag with high refresh rate and VRR, giving you an immersive experience.

After reading our views on these monitors, we hope we have helped you to pick the best one for you. So, click the links under the photos to see more information about the best monitors for Xbox Series S to enjoy your next game!

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