Are you looking for immersive, eye-catching, highly stylistic headphones with cat ears? If so, you’ve landed on the right page.

Cat ear headphones are popular among kids and adults equally. They have a style statement that looks fashionable and adorable.

These fascinating headphones originated in Japan in 2014 after inspiration from fictional characters in anime and manga comics. Today you will find cat ear headphones in a variety, such as wireless and wired types, with and without a mic, with and without LED lighting, and much more.

These super flashy headphones mainly have children as their target market, and both boys and girls are crazy about the fun headphones. Therefore, it was not easy to shortlist from all the great options. Still, we have carefully reviewed the best kitty ear headphones and picked these three options, which are better than other cat ear headphones.

Look through the list and purchase a unique, fun headphone set for yourself today!

Our Selection Process

The aesthetic appeal of these over-ear headphones is their distinction, making them quite trendy. As a result, they are a perfect gift for adults and kids alike. Nevertheless, there are a few essential factors that you should have in mind before buying cat ear headphones.

Cat ear headphones are best renowned for their chic designs. But you have to ensure not to settle for something basic as many colors and designs are available. You also need to ensure they are user-friendly, as kids and young adults will primarily use them, so go for the plug-and-play kinds. The headphones should be easy to operate without needing software and drivers.

To fully enjoy the experience of using these original cat ear headphones, they need to have an excellent noise-canceling feature with a choice of wired or wireless sets. The utmost important factor while buying a new set of cat ear headphones is to check the comfort level. Leather or faux leather is the perfect material for ear cups and headbands for flawless use. It is another plus point for comfort if the ear cups rotate with an adjustable headband.

After thoroughly analyzing these factors, we present you with the three best options in this blog. Here is all that you need to know before buying cat ear headphones.

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headphones

The Premium Choice

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headphones

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Why You Should Buy It

The popular Razer is famous and highly sought after for its gaming headphones and equipment. So, they came with this special edition of Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB gaming headphones set, aiming to add the meow factor to their gaming accessories. Despite the slightly bulky size, the razer kitty ears are incredibly comfortable to use thanks to the lightweight, thick, plushy padded ear cups with gel-filled cushions.

The Kitty RGB USB gaming set has a plastic material that is very solid and is equipped with an undetachable USB audio cable and great speaker cat ears. The left cup features volume controls and 7.1 surround sound THX Spatial button, and a retractable ANC mic. The razer kitty ears have a sonic performance that is perfect for gaming, primarily when used with the Razer Streamer Companion app.

Furthermore, you can set up the cat ears to make interactive lighting, as the cat ears light. Both ear cups can glow with over 16 million customizable colors. The built-in mic highlights these headphones, as the razer kitty ears have been reported to deliver crystal-clear sound.

What To Look Out For

Some users have not been entirely happy with the band quality as they believe good headphones should have more reinforcement than plastic, specifically on the headband frame.

Moreover, it has limited compatibility as the THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound mode does not work on every windows version.

Overall, the Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB gaming headphones feature an impressive performance thanks to immersive audio characteristics and customizable RGB kitty lighting, making it the gamer’s perfect choice.

Riwbox CT-7S

Kid-Friendly Option With Bluetooth

Riwbox CT-7S

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Why You Should Buy It

The Riwbox CT-7S is an advanced version of the CT-7 with an additional volume-limiting feature. This factor makes it a kid-friendly headphones set. The accessories include a braided audio cable with a 3.5 mm jack and a detachable boom mic with satisfying microphone quality.

These headphones can be wired and wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 power. If you use the wireless option, the battery will give you about four hours of playtime with lights on and up to six hours without any lights.

They come in two color combinations: purple and green or blue and green. Younger users will love the multi-colored LED lights on the cat ears with the RGB lighting theme. The left ear cup houses all the controls, such as indicators, buttons, and inputs.

Considering that it is a children-suitable high-quality headphones device, it has superior sound quality. Even though there are no sparkling highs, crazy detailed mids, or incredibly deep lows, you can still enjoy accurate reproduction at the 85 dB volume-limiting feature.

What To Look Out For

A couple of factors that did not sit too well was the built quality as it’s made entirely of plastic material, questioning its durability.

Another complaint was the detachable boom mic quality. It is usable when wearing cat ear headphones but is not perfect noise-canceling headphones. It also does not handle the noise well, which can be a distracting feature for users. Nonetheless, the pair of cheap cat ear headphones’ quality is on par with the price, making it a very budget-friendly item.


Value Option With Removable Cat Ears


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Why You Should Buy It

The SOMIC G951 headphones are a super affordable, uniquely designed set featuring removable cat ears. The wired headphones have an undetachable mic and audio cable with inline controls. The outer earcups are designed with an LED light panel and a passive noise-cancellation feature.

Despite the plastic build, they are durable cat ear headphones with satisfying comfort. The large cups are fitted with plushy cushions and give ample space to your ears as the headbands can adjust adequately to your head size.

The undetachable wired connection is the only supported type, and you can adjust the volume using the inline controls in the cable. The omnidirectional microphone is quite sensitive, giving adequate performance. It is compatible with most gaming consoles with a fantastic vibration system.

You can enjoy an immersive gaming experience as the sound quality is bass-oriented and allows you to hear realistic sound notes and levels. However, for its price factor, there is little chance of you getting a better-performing cat ear set than other cat ear headphones.

What To Look Out For

If you prefer to multiuse your cute cat ears headphones, the SOMIC G951 has limited compatibility. A splitter cable is required for connecting your pair of cat ear headphones set to your PC, which you will need to purchase separately.

Moreover, some individuals claimed their voice was muffled when using the microphone and external cat ear speakers. Nevertheless, the decent sound quality is still good, making them chic headphones for your consideration.

Finally, they also come in black if pink isn't your thing!

Best Cat Ear Headphones FAQs

Even though we have listed our top choices, it can still be confusing as to which of the many cat ear headphones to pick as the ideal buy as there are other options like Brookstone cat ear headphones, Axent cat ear headphones, Censi cat ear headphones, and more.

However, according to our research based on many cat ear headphones reviews and feedback, we are confident that our three recommendations have exhibited more desirable qualities.

You may still be wondering about the various parameters such as foldable headphones, design, colors, LED lighting, durability, wired or non-wired connectivity, fit, and comfort.

So here are some frequently asked questions you might be wondering about before investing in your purchase.

How Can I Connect My Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones?

The process is quite simple.

First, you have to switch on the Bluetooth on your device and bring the headphones into pairing mode. Once you have successfully set up your device, look for the name of your cat ear Bluetooth headphones in the list and wait for the ‘paired’ sign.

How To Turn The Lights Off On The Cat Ear Headphones?

To turn off the light on your cat ear headphone, first, turn on the headphone. Then short press the Light button three times to turn the lights on or off.

Why Are Cat Ear Headphones Trendy?

There are many reasons, one of which is the sleek and adorable design. Kids love the glittering colors, and the beautiful kitty shapes of the headphones attract them a lot.

How Do Cat Ear Headphones Work?

The working mechanism for the cat ear headphones is the same as in noise-canceling headphones. These headphones are a favorite choice for kids. So, most companies make them smaller, compact, and easy to use.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Healthy For Kids?

Every pair of headphones come with its pros and cons. As kids have more sensitivity to high-volume music, adjust the volume to a medium or low level. 

Due to their appealing design and sparkling light, these headphones attract kids more than adults.

Final Thoughts on Best Headphones with Cat Ears

Were you able to make your final choice of purchasing cat ear headphones? We understand that choosing one from hundreds of options isn’t a simple task. But the cat ear headphones are famous, and one of the reasons is their comfort level. If you love to listen to music in a relaxed environment, then going for the kitty headphones won’t disappoint you.

On top of all, you can remove the cat ears as you please. You can buy the cat ear headphones with a wire or a wireless version. The qualities don’t stop, but one point to consider is that there are some flaws, also. The noise canceling feature of these headphones is weak compared to the other headphones.

So, when you buy, make sure that cat ear headphones give you a top-notch experience and immersive sound qualities. Last but not least, the abovementioned best headphones with cat ears have been selected after thorough research of the company and the headphones. So, you can freely choose any of them.

Happy shopping for your favorite headphones with cat ears!

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