Whether you love streaming high-definition 4K movies or playing games with your friends, a 4K 120Hz television satisfies your requirements. As the name suggests, the 4K TV offers an impressive refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth visuals and incredible picture quality for both games and movies.

The good news is that the following presents the reviews of the best 120Hz 4K TVs offering outstanding performance, fast response time, and multiple connectivity ports at prices that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Our Selection Process

People find selecting a 4K 120Hz TV difficult because of the exhaustive specification list. Don’t worry; we have done the research on your behalf by shortlisting the must-have features to look for in the best gaming TVs.

The market is full of OLED and LED TVs, thus offering various screen panel options. LED gaming TVs generally come with a backlight, while the pixels on the OLED TV screen generate their own light. OLED picture quality is undoubtedly excellent, but it has an expensive price tag.

To futureproof the 120Hz 4K TV, buying a TV offering different connectivity options is best. For instance, a gamer requires an HDMI 2.1 port to connect the next-gen gaming consoles, such as Xbox Series and PS5.

Furthermore, the size of the 4K 120Hz TV entirely depends on your requirements and, most importantly, the size of the room. For instance, you can buy a 65 inches TV for a large-sized living room, or a 43-inch screen is perfect for a medium-sized living room.

Let’s dive deep into the reviews of the best game-mode 4K 120Hz TVs.

Sony Ultra HD TV X90K Series

Best Overall

Sony Ultra HD TV X90K Series

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Why You Should Buy It

If you want to buy a large-sized 120Hz 4K TV, the Sony Ultra HD TV X90K Series won’t disappoint you. From the sleep timer to the ambient light sensor and Chromecast, the Sony Ultra Full TV covers everything.

It’s a dynamic TV with a full array of LEDs with controlled backlighting to guarantee maximum brightness and deep black colors while playing intense games. Courts of the XR contrast booster 10, you can immerse yourself in real-life movie details.

The Sony Ultra HD TV has high-tech features like a cognitive processor XR that offers natural colors and intense contrasts. Lucky for you, the TV doesn’t compromise the connectivity options by providing HDMI 2.1 and USB with added features, such as variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM).

The hard-core PC gamers will appreciate the minimum input lag time of 8.5ms, auto genre picture mode switch, and auto HDR tone mapping.

What to Look Out For

The Sony Ultra HD TV X90K Series is a featureful 120Hz 4K TV offering Dolby Vision HDR and some exclusive PlayStation 5 features to maximize your gaming experience. Also, the TV supports various streaming services, such as HBO Max, Amazon Instant Video, and Apple TV.

On the other hand, the TV offers extreme brightness; however, you can always adjust it according to the ambient light.

Hisense ULED Premium 55U8G QLED Series

Best Gaming TV & With Dolby Vision 

Hisense ULED Premium 55U8G QLED Series

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Why You Should Buy It

If you are a hard-core gamer who can’t compromise on the gaming features in a TV, the Hisense ULED Premium 55U8G QLED Series won’t disappoint you. This 55 inches game-mode TV features all the great gaming features, such as game mode pro, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.

The latest QLED technology that boosts contrast, color, motion, and brightness sets this TV apart. It’s an energy-efficient gaming TV with a standby power consumption of less than 0.5 watts.

Thanks to the wide color gamut of quantum dots, the TV successfully displays over one billion shades and rich and accurate colors compared to a standard LED TV.

Another plus of buying this good gaming TV is the ultra-motion technology that automatically removes the digital noise and blurred lines, thus offering clear and accurate pictures. Finally, the IMAX enhanced technology coupled with 4K HDR content and DTS audio features ensures a cinema experience at home.

What to Look Out For

The Hisense ULED Premium 55U8G QLED Series is a 4K ULED with integrated Google Assistant and Alexa to support hands-free operations.

The game-mode TV has a stand, power cable, and remote control. You can benefit from the included quick start guide to adjust the brightness and contrast settings. If you don’t want to place the TV on the console, you can use the 400 x 300 VESA mounts to hang the TV on the wall.

On the other hand, the remote control of the gaming TV isn’t backlit, making it a bit difficult to adjust the settings in the dark. Nonetheless, you can call Alexa to select the relevant settings.

Sony Ultra HD TV X85K Series

Ideal For Streaming

Sony Ultra HD TV X85K Series

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Why You Should Buy It

The Sony Ultra HD TV X85K Series is a medium-sized 43-inch 120Hz 4K TV offering wired and wireless connectivity options, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and HDMI. Not only that, but the TV supports all kinds of Internet streaming services, such as HBO Max, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and others.

One of the most significant advantages of buying this all-rounder TV is the 4K HDR processor X1 that guarantees smooth, clear, and rich photos for an immersive cinematic experience. Additionally, the motion handling features prevent picture blurring in fast-action games, movies, and sports.

You’ll undoubtedly appreciate the display-off mode that saves energy by turning off the display. Hence, you can enjoy listening to podcasts or music while the gaming TV doesn’t switch to standby mode.

Finally, you can connect the TV to the gaming consoles using the HDMI 2.1 port, which also offers four VRR and ALLM features. Also, the narrow bezel design prevents distractions as you play intense fighting games with your friends.

What to Look Out For

The Sony Ultra HD TV X85K Series is a one-for-all and all-for-one gaming TV offering exclusive functions, such as an ambient light sensor, sleep timer, Chromecast, browser, and USB recording. It has a power cable, remote control, and a stand, so you don’t have to buy anything additional.

On the other hand, it’s relatively complex for beginners to set up a TV. However, you can practice adjusting the settings for streaming and gaming.

VIZIO 50-inch QLED HDR Smart TV

Best Budget 4K 120Hz TV

VIZIO 50-inch QLED HDR Smart TV

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Why You Should Buy It

The VIZIO QLED HDR Smart TV is a fantastic option for those on a tight budget but doesn't want to compromise on the quality. This TV is packed with features that you would often only see in much more expensive models, making it an outstanding value.

You can experience vivid colors and realistic image quality that surpasses more expensive TVs thanks to Quantum Color QLED technology and Dolby Vision HDR. Dark scenes appear more natural and engaging thanks to the Active Full Array Backlight and local dimming, which further improve the contrast and black levels.

Moreover, WatchFree+ provides free access to over 5,000 on-demand movies and over 250 live-streaming channels. This means you can enjoy vast content without breaking the bank.

What to Look Out For

Overall, the VIZIO QLED HDR Smart TV is a budget-friendly option that offers exceptional value for the price. For gamers, the ultra-low input lag and AMD FreeSync Premium ensure a smooth and responsive gaming experience, making this TV an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers.

However, it’s a bright gaming TV in which the dark scenes seem less dark. Don’t worry; you can always change the settings to enjoy true and accurate colors.

Best 4k 120hz TV FAQs

After reading the above reviews, you can now make a well-informed decision to buy a suitable 4K 120Hz TV to fulfill your gaming or streaming requirements. Whether you want a large-sized 120Hz 4K gaming TV or a medium-sized TV, the above guide covers everything.

Do All 4K TVs Support 120Hz?

No, not all 4K TVs support 120Hz. Generally, 4K TVs with 120Hz support have higher refresh rates and faster response times than those without.

Most 4K TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is suitable for most content. However, if you want to watch content with a higher refresh rate, such as fast-paced sports or gaming, you will need a 4K TV with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Can All 4K 120Hz TVs Handle High-Speed Gaming?

Of course. The primary reason gamers upgrade from 60Hz to 120Hz is to play fast-paced games, such as shooting, where quick reflexes matter the most. This way, competitive gamers don’t experience motion blur that hampers their gaming performance.

Hertz, commonly known as refresh rate, determines the total number of frames a TV presents in one second. A 120Hz gaming TV displays 120 frames of movies or games in one second, thus offering smooth visuals without motion blur.

Also, the 120Hz 4K gaming TVs include HMI 2.1 port for fast data transfer between the TV and the gaming console, thus guaranteeing low latency and lag.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a 4K 120Hz TV?

A 4K 120Hz gaming TV is a multi-purpose home appliance that works well for streaming and online gaming. The first factor to consider is the lag time, especially while playing games. The shorter the lag time, the better the gaming performance.

The following essential feature is the screen size. For instance, larger screen sizes guarantee an immersive gaming experience with a better field of vision.

The design of the gaming TV matters the most.

Don’t forget to check the connectivity ports, HDMI 2.1, and other features.

Final Thoughts On Best 4K 120Hz TV

If you want to enhance your viewing and gaming experience, the 4K 120Hz TVs are a perfect one-time investment.

You don’t have to spend a hefty amount buying a reliable 120Hz 4K TV; instead, you can select any of the above TVs to stream movies and play online games.

Happy Shopping!

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