Are you a content creator, musician, or gamer who travels frequently and looking to buy a reliable headphone case to protect the headphones? Have your headphones broken in your backpack, or have the cables been tangled?

If you answer yes, it’s time to get a nice, heavy-duty headphone case. Lucky for you, the following guide presents the reviews of the best headphone case shortlisted based on portability, water resistance, and, most importantly, affordable price.

Hard-core gamers and musicians understand the worth of premium-quality headphones. That’s why it’s essential to protect the headphones in a protective headphone case.

Our Selection Process

Soft or hard shell, large or small, handle or no handle. These are all the features that revolve around the buyer’s mind while looking for a headphone case. But don’t worry; we have shortlisted the best headphone case considering your requirements and usage.

An essential criterion is a material that determines a headphone case's durability, price tag, and appearance. Therefore, the headphone cases are made of nylon, leather, and other soft materials to ensure a stylish look.

Other features considered for shortlisting include water and shock resistance, internal storage, a hand strap, and a smooth zipper.

One feature which is common in our best headphone cases is the lightweight and compact design. Hence, you can carry them separately or store them in a backpack.

Whether you have Sony, JBL, Bose, or Beats headphones, we have covered it in this review.

ProCase Hard Case

Best Overall Case

ProCase Hard Case

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Why You Should Buy It

Look no further if you don’t want to compromise on protecting your high-quality over-ear or wireless noise-canceling headphones. The ProCase Hard Case is one of the best headphone cases offering one of the most robust water-resistant EVA exteriors to protect the headphones from shocks and accidental falls.

Besides the hard case, the case features a soft lining on the interior coupled with bubble padding to enhance the protection further. The soft padding serves a multi-purpose role as it keeps the headphones in place to prevent scratches during falls or slippage.

Another surprise is that you’ll find two additional dustproof storage cases to store the charging cables and USB. The 360-degree two-way smooth zipper design guarantees easy access to the headphones and storage pouches.

Finally, the sturdy handle offers the desired grip allowing you to carry the case while walking. Also, the headphone case looks extremely stylish and grabs attention as you carry it standalone.

What to Look Out For

The ProCase Hard Case features dimensions of 9.4 x 8.6 x 2.3 inches, spacious enough to fit Sony, Bose, and AirPods Max headphones. Also, it’s one of the most lightweight headphone cases weighing only 13.4 ounces.

However, some people have complained about the chemical odor due to EVA. Nonetheless, the strong smell goes away after some time.

ComeCase Headphone Case

Best Beats Headphone Case

ComeCase Headphone Case

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Why You Should Buy It

If you own foldable Beats headphones, you can buy the super-stylish ComeCase Headphone Case. Besides the aesthetically appealing design, the exterior is made of sturdy EVA material, which is further covered with PU leather protection to ensure a soft and smooth feel.

You can find small pockets on the upper interior to store accessories like a cable, built-in charger, and USB. If you don’t want to store the case in the bag, you can hold it using the sturdy hand strap.

The exterior is only semi-water-resistant; however, the hard case is sturdy enough to protect the headphones from scratches, shock, dust, and moisture.

What distinguishes the Comease Headphone Case from the rest is its sleek and compact design to keep the foldable headphones in place. Also, you can easily pack in your laptop bag without worrying about the headphone case occupying additional space.

What to Look Out For

The ComeCase Headphone Case features dimensions of 5.91 x 3.15 x 2.36 inches and a weight of only 5.9 ounces.

The headphone case is designed only for foldable headphones, such as Beats Solo2,3, Elecder i39, Picun P26, and iJoy matte finish headphones. Nonetheless, it's one of the most compact yet sturdy headphone cases available.


Best JBL Headphone Case


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Why You Should Buy It

We have great news if you want a spacious and convenient case with a hard cover for additional protection. The LTGEM EVA Hard Case is an all-rounder headphone case in which you can fit any of your JBL headphones or other similarly sized headphones.

As the name suggests, this headphone case features a hard case that protects the headphones from shocks and too much pressure.

Thanks to the EVA exterior, you don’t have to worry about scratches on the headphone or external moisture affecting the headphone audio quality. Also, the exterior comprises three layers, including high-quality velvet, EVA, and an oxford cloth to guarantee robustness and elegance.

Besides the headphone storage, there is an additional mesh pocket on the other side where you can place other accessories, such as cables and USBs.

If you don’t want to place the case in your protective bag, you can carry it using the sturdy hand strap. Finally, the zipper is extremely smooth and doesn’t get stuck while opening or closing the case.

What to Look Out For

The LTGEM EVA Hard Case is a stylish and durable headphone case featuring a solid black exterior and a soft grey interior. The overall outer length of the headphone case is 8.1 inches, while the width is 6.8 inches with 2.9 inches of height.

However, some people find the hard case larger than others as it occupies more space in the backpack. Nonetheless, if you want to buy lightweight dustproof and semi-water-resistant headcases to protect the headphones, you have a great deal.

Case Star Hard Shell Headphones Case

Best Budget Case

Case Star Hard Shell Headphones Case

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Why You Should Buy It

If you want a sturdy headphone case that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Case Star Hard Shell Headphone Case won’t disappoint you. As the name suggests, the headphone case features a hard shell to protect the headphones from shocks and moisture.

Besides the hard exterior, the interior is made of soft material to prevent scratches on the headphones. Also, a soft rubber belt loop inside keeps the headphones in place.

There is a deep mesh pocket on the other interior side to keep the accessories, such as USBs, chargers, and cables. The zipper is sturdy and smooth and doesn’t wear off quickly.

What to Look Out For

The Case Start Hard Shell Headphone Case features compact dimensions of 8 x 7 x 2.35 inches to safeguard your Sony headphones. Also, the headphone case comes with a classic dustproof pouch with drawstrings for convenient storage.

On the downside, the headphone carrying case doesn’t include a hand strap; instead, there is a small strap that you can fold with your fingers to carry the headphone. Therefore, it’s best to keep this compact headphone case in the bag.

Headphone Case FAQs

Hopefully, we showcased the right headphone cases to interest you in investing in protecting your headphones.

You can select any headphone cases reviewed above, whether you have Sony, JB, Picun P26, Beats, or any other brand of headphones.

Are Headphone Cases Worth It?

Of course, a headphone case is a one-time investment to protect your expensive headphones. If you have a sturdy, water-resistant case, you don’t have to worry about entangled wires, scratches, or moisture destroying the headphone circuitry.

Also, the headphone cases offer portability allowing you to carry the headphones and the related accessories. Finally, headphone cases are fashionable and can be a part of your style statement among friends.

Should I Buy a Headphone Case?

If your headphones accompany you everywhere, from the gym to the office, active lifestyle, and other outdoor activities and commutes, you should buy a headphone case.

Face it, headphones are expensive, and you can’t afford to lose or break them while traveling. Also, you don’t have to deal with the cable clutter whenever you take the headphones out of the backpack.

A headphone case offers the desired protection to the headphones and allows you to store or carry them anywhere you go.

How to Find the Right Headphone Case?

The answer depends on the type and brand of your headphone. For example, headphone cases protect on-ear, in-ear, and over-the-ear headphones. Similarly, some headphones fold in a case while you need to keep the other headphones as it is.

The next step is deciding on the exterior cover, such as PU material, rubberized surface, imitation leather, EVA, or genuine premium-quality leather. For instance, the EVA-made headphone cases offer exceptional protection against moisture and external shocks.

Finally, you can select a headphone case with a molded interior, which keeps the headphone in place, or a simple case offering more than enough room.

Final Thoughts On Best Headphone Case

A headphone case plays a multi-purpose role in protecting premium-quality large headphones, storing cables, and keeping them organized.

If you want to save yourself from the frustration of having a broken headband or a snapped wire as you take out the headphones from your bag, buy a headphone case today. Whichever headphone case you select from the above list, you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

Enjoy listening to music on your favorite headphones!

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