A laptop wall mount comes in handy, especially when you don’t have space on your desk. Not only that, but you can adjust the laptop position by tilting the head and rotating the arm.

Lucky for you, the following guide presents the reviews of the best laptop wall mounts shortlisted based on functionality, affordability, and, most importantly, convenient installation.

A laptop wall mount helps keep the workstation clutter-free and boosts your productivity while offering you the flexibility to adjust the viewing angle at eye level.

Our Selection Process

Thanks to evolving technology, the manufacturers now design multi-purpose laptop mounts which you can mount on a desk or a pole. Not only that, but the following list also includes a versatile laptop wall mount that can also hold a monitor simultaneously.

The criteria for shortlisting the top-rated laptop mounts include functionality, rotation, swivel, height adjustment, and installation technique. Other features to consider are the weight capacity and the laptop dimensions.

The good news is that the laptop wall mounts mentioned in this guide include all the desired joints and installation kits. Hence, you don’t have to spend extra bucks buying the screws and bolts.

All the laptop wall mounts selected ensure adjustability as you can rotate and swivel the moving arm and the laptop platform. Finally, all the laptop wall mounts offer portability, allowing you to mount them on any pole or laptop desk of different types of thicknesses.

Are you excited to buy a laptop tray to minimize workstation clutter? Read the following reviews of the top-rated laptop wall mounts.

XSJ8012WT Wall Mount Laptop Holder

Best Overall Laptop Wall Mount

XSJ8012WT Wall Mount Laptop Holder

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Why You Should Buy It

We have great news if you don’t want to compromise on functionality, features, and aesthetics in a laptop wall mount.

The XSJ8012WT Wall Mount Laptop Holder is sturdy enough to hold a laptop up to 17 inches, thanks to aluminum alloy and ABS construction. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you have a heavy gaming laptop, as the wall mount can support a weight of 10 kg.

It’s a full-motion laptop holder with an extended monitor arm featuring a mechanical spring to ensure convenience while working for extended hours. Similarly, you can tilt the head from -15 to 75 degrees to adjust the laptop position.

What to Look Out For

No laptop wall mount can beat the XSJ8012WT Wall Mount Laptop Holder in terms of functionality, as it can rotate up to 360 degrees. Also, the head rotation ranges from -90 to 90 degrees, while the monitor arm can turn on a swivel of 180 degrees, which is excellent.

Conversely, the instructions can be difficult for some people, especially beginners. However, the good news is that the laptop wall mount comprises only three pieces.

For instance, you can screw one piece into the wall while the second piece screws at the end of the mount. Then, finally, you can mount the laptop support at the end, and you are done.

Sunter98 Wall Mount Laptop Holder

Cheaper Laptop Wall Mount 

Sunter98 Wall Mount Laptop Holder

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Why You Should Buy It

Do you feel neck pain while working at a desk? If you are tired of adjusting the chair up and down to adjust your line of sight with the laptop, consider buying the Sunter98 wall-mount laptop holder.

The wall-mounted laptop arm is made of alloy, making it highly durable. With a tray size of 320*242mm, it can fit a wide range of laptop models that are smaller than or have the same size as the tray.

Also, you can adjust the screening platform while the mounting bracket can tilt from -85 to 90 degrees. Similarly, 360 degrees rotation coupled with a 630 mm arm extension guarantees a comfortable viewing angle.

Lastly, the tray can support a weight of up to 8 kg, making it suitable for lightweight laptops.

What to Look Out For

If you are after a laptop stand that gives you a full range of motion and is made of durable material, then Sunter98 is the ideal investment for you. It gives you two mounting options; wall mount and pole mount.

On the downside, it comes with a little expensive price tag. Nonetheless, with heavy-duty construction, 630 mm arm length, and 360° swivel flexibility, Sunter98 is a value-to-money investment.

HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

Best 2-in-1 Floating Laptop & Monitor Mount

HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

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Why You Should Buy It

The HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount is one of the most affordable two-in-one laptop mounts comprising a grommet mounting base and an extension with a clamp.

The wall mount is sturdy enough to support a weight of up to 22 pounds of a large 27 inches monitor, while the universal laptop tray is compatible with most laptop sizes. One of the most significant advantages of buying this desk mount is the flexible laptop arms that can tilt, rotate and swivel.

For instance, you can title the mounting head up and down up to 90 degrees. In addition, you can rotate the head clockwise and anti-clockwise and extend the laptop arm up to 17 inches in length. This way, you can minimize neck pain and eye strain by adjusting the laptop position using the wall mount.

The HUANUO laptop mount offers two options for installation. Depending upon your monitor and laptop usage, you can either use the C clamp or the grommet mounting kit.

What to Look Out For

If you are a videographer or a graphic designer and often multitask on a monitor and laptop, the HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount won’t disappoint you. Hence, you don’t have to switch between the laptop and monitor while comfortably focusing on your work for extended hours.

You can only adjust the height of the monitor using the C clamps. However, you can’t tilt or rotate it once you have attached the monitor to the pole.

WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount

Best Budget Floating Laptop Mount

WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount

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Why You Should Buy It

The WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount is one of the best laptop mounts if you work for prolonged hours and worry about your laptop getting overheated. One of the most distinctive features of this laptop desk mount is the vented cooling platform stand that ensures air ventilation.

You no longer have to worry about getting tired sitting on a chair; you can detach the mount plays and adjust the height. The overall height of the pole is 16 inches, which you can adjust to the premium-grade arm to hold maximum weight. Also, you can extend and retract the monitor arm supporting the laptop.

On the contrary, you can attach the C-clamp on a thick desk of 0.4 to four inches thickness. Not only that, but the grommet is compatible with a laptop desk of thickness ranging from 0.4 to three inches.

Finally, you can tilt the laptop platform between -15 and 15 degrees to adjust the monitor angle while typing or doing work.

What to Look Out For

The WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount is a versatile laptop mount that can support 17 inches laptops and a total weight of 22 pounds.

Besides the laptop mount, the package includes a user manual and a mounting hardware kit to facilitate installation. Also, customer support is there to help you throughout the week if you require assistance while installation.

On the contrary, the swing arm folds to around 60 degrees but not 180 degrees. Nonetheless, buying this laptop tray is a safe investment and the best way to lift the laptop from the work table.

Best Laptop Desk Mount FAQs

You must be ready to free up space on the work table and select any laptop stands reviewed above.

Of course, you won’t be disappointed with whichever laptop mount you select from the above list.

Are Laptop Mounts Worth It?

Yes. Whether you're worried about neck or back pain or don’t have space in the room, a laptop mount comes in handy. You can multitask on a monitor and laptop while doing creative work.

Prolonged laptop usage leads to health issues, such as repetitive stress injuries, aching shoulders and arms, stiff necks, and sore wrists. The good news is you can avert all these symptoms by buying a laptop mount.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the laptop mounts, you can tilt, swivel, rotate as well as adjust the height accordingly.

Is It Better to Have Laptop Elevated?

Whether you are a programmer, designer, or gamer, it’s best to have your laptop elevated at the viewing angle. Not only that, but the elevation also improves your keyboard writing by offering you a comfortable angle to place the wrists.

Similarly, you can adjust the viewing angle to prevent eye strain by minimizing the screen glare.

Keeping the laptop elevated guarantees air ventilation to keep the laptop cool while coding and gaming. Other advantages include organized cables, free table space, and improved work productivity while simultaneously using the laptop and monitor.

Final Thoughts On Best Laptop Wall Mounts

A laptop wall mount offers convenience and flexibility to people who work for prolonged hours on a laptop. Instead of elevating the laptop keyboard to ensure air ventilation, a laptop wall mount offers an affordable alternative while offering comfortable viewing angles and flexibility to adjust the ergonomic height.

The key takeaway of the above guide is to present the features of the top-rated laptop wall mounts. This way, you can make a well-informed decision to buy a suitable wall mount considering your laptop size and dimensions.

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