You may have heard of horizontal monitors, but what about vertical monitors?

A vertical monitor is a computer monitor with its display in portrait orientation rather than landscape. It's time to think out of the box and see why so many people are turning to vertical monitors.

Let’s explore the benefits that come with owning a vertical monitor and how it can improve your PC experience.

Better for Reading & Writing Tasks

Reading and writing tasks, such as blogging or coding, are much more enjoyable on a vertical monitor due to the increased amount of space available.

With more room on the page, you can view more words at once and not have to scroll as frequently to get through the content. This makes it easier to stay focused while reading or writing since you don't need to constantly be scrolling up or down on the page.

Additionally, if you're working with long lines of code, having a long screen can help you compare different lines without having to scroll back and forth between them.

Increased Productivity

A vertical monitor also helps increase productivity by providing an efficient way to organize multiple windows at once.

Instead of having two small windows side by side taking up half your desktop real estate, you can stack two tall windows one on top of the other so that they take up less space but still provide equal visibility.

This allows you to multitask efficiently while also keeping all your open windows organized and easy to find.

Reduces Neck Pain

Our necks weren't meant to turn horizontally all day long. Over time, this can lead to neck pain and other physical ailments.

However, when viewing a vertical monitor straight on—instead of having it turned horizontally—you reduce the amount of time spent turning your head from left to right, thus reducing neck strain over time.

Plus, many people find that they look better when using a vertical monitor instead of horizontal ones due to their form factor.

Vertical monitors provide an efficient way to organize multiple windows at once, which increases productivity when multitasking and eliminates unnecessary scrolling during writing tasks like coding or blogging.

Whether you’re looking for improved productivity or just want something different from traditional horizontal monitors — a vertical monitor should definitely be something worth considering!

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