Check out our best swimming headphones if you want to take your swimming exercise to the next level while enjoying audio underwater.

You won’t miss any longer to your favorite soundtracks while swimming underwater. The best swimming headphones are specially designed for swimmers and casual divers who love to enjoy waterproof music players. So it is surprising that even though Bluetooth is limited underwater, these waterproof headphones have an in-build MP4 player giving you an unstoppable underwater audio experience.

This article will guide you through the three top swimming headphones available today. Let's go through their features and why you should buy them. We have three options for you to pick from. These waterproof headphones are most-liked and demanded with an in-built MP3 player.

So, pick the best swimming headphone for yourself regarding the top choices in every aspect, and make your purchase now!

Our Selection Process For Best Waterproof Headphones

It can be pretty challenging to pick the best swimming headphones from a wide range of options. So here we have detailed research on each of the three waterproof headphones' features.

In addition, it covers the price to help you decide the best one according to your budget. On top of all, we've enlisted everything, such as sound quality, battery life, and fully waterproof and ambient noise cancellation properties.

The selection process is overwhelming for many individuals, so we have done all the hard work for you after going through numerous personalized reviews. These headphones for swimming can enhance your swimming lap and help you achieve your diving goals.

So, let’s learn more about the headphones for swimming to make your diving unforgettable!

H2O Audio Sonar IPX8

Budget Bone Conduction Headphones With Incredible Battery

H2O Audio Sonar IPX8

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Why You Should Buy It

The H2O Audio Sonar device is a brilliant bone conduction waterproof headphones. It means they can transmit sound waves through the bones in the user’s skull instead of their ear canal. They are clipped securely to your goggle strap and transmit the sounds to your auditory nerve. Unless you choose to, you do not need earplugs.

Another competing feature of these waterproof headphones for swimming is the Bluetooth technology option. You can listen to over 60 hours of crystal clear music, podcasts, and audio recordings thanks to its 8GB of internal memory. Although the Bluetooth range is limited underwater, you can attach your smartwatch to your swim goggles to overcome the issue. It is a plus point if you already own an Apple Watch.

You can efficiently operate the waterproof swimming headphones with wet hands. The swim buds sport waterproof headphones have large buttons with raised markings, which means you can switch tracks just by feeling. You can enjoy 7 hours of underwater entertainment on a single full charge. It makes for excellent battery life as the amount is good enough even for the most extreme swimmers.

What To Look Out For

For any reason, if you do not wear swimming goggles, you cannot make use of these waterproof headphones. It is because they attach to the goggles strap for a stable fit underwater. Another limited feature of these headphones is that, unfortunately, you can only charge them with a proprietary USB cable, not a USB-C cable.

This set is a pocket-friendly option compared to other fantastic quality waterproof headphones.  The IPX8 waterproof rating is certified as an excellent waterproof design product for swimmers.

Sony NW-WS623

Best Sounding Swimming Headphones

Sony NW-WS623

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Why Should You Buy It

Do you prefer a set of in-ear headphones with a watertight seal that you can use easily while swimming and running? The Sony NW-WS623 headphones are extra durable, so you can use these for swimming in harsh salt water, fresh pool water, and even running on dusty roads! In addition, they have been certified for IP68 protection, making them dust and waterproof for the most intense uses.

These waterproof headphones for swimming have an in-ear watertight seal fit. You will receive excellent high-quality underwater audio with bass, triumphing any bone conduction waterproof headphones. You will be accompanied by fantastic sound quality in your ear canal wherever your adventure takes you.

Another bonus point of the Sony NW-WS623 is that it supports fast charging. Did you know you can charge it for just 3 minutes to enjoy music for an additional hour of continuous use? It can also tolerate extreme temperatures ranging from -5 to 45 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for all seasons throughout the year.

What To Look Out For

A minor flaw with these otherwise superb wireless headphones is that the in-ear fitting feature may not suit every individual. It means they may not be the most comfortable or stable compared to other swimming headphones. Another drawback is that streaming music is not supported. However, it comes with up to 16GB of storage capacity to upload your playlist of choice.

If you are a swimmer who exercises on land now and then, this is the piece for you! You will only need to purchase a single set of headphones that can multi-function underwater and on the ground with ambient sound mode.

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

Waterproof and Dust Resistant Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

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Why Should You Buy It

A top-leading piece in bone conduction technology, the AfterShokz Xtrainerz is explicitly designed to be used underwater. They are very comfortable to use and yet fit tightly to your bones for brilliant sound transmission inside and out of the water with the bone conduction technology. You can add a swim cap for a better fit if you make flips during swimming.

Thanks to the IPX8 waterproof characteristic, you can readily use them for water sports and diving up to a couple of feet. Moreover, thanks to the outstanding battery life, you enjoy eight back-to-back hours of premium audio quality during your cross-training sessions.

What To Look Out For

These swimming headphones are equipped with a dedicated swim mode. You will have a decent sound quality and hear ambient noise through your swim cap, such as lifeguards blowing whistles. Nonetheless, this same feature means the audio can bleed when you use your headphones above water. Your neighbor on the bus or train might not be too happy when you play music.

Since we cover every aspect, another hindrance is the lack of Bluetooth. It means you can only plug the headphones in to upload content but not pair them with your phone for calls or stream music.

Best Swimming Headphones FAQs

Since you are making a one-time investment, you want to explore every aspect to ensure that you pick the best waterproof headphone. Unfortunately, people commonly tend to get confused with all the catchy options.

Despite tons of available information, you may still doubt if you are making the right choice. Therefore, we have narrowed down countless options and given you a list of the top three underwater functioning headphones to aid you in finalizing and purchasing the best one for you.

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding water-resistant headphones.

How Do I Pick The Best Waterproof Design Headphones?

This depends on your personal style.

If you prefer the feel and fit of regular in-ear headphones, you should go for the Sony NW-WS623.

We recommend the other two options of bone-conducting headphones if you want to keep your ears free and tune into your environment while enjoying your audio.

How To Get The Best Fit When Using Headphones Underwater?

A swimming cap helps to keep the water-resistant headphones in place. Swimming caps are cheap and readily available to give extra stability to your headphones.

Additionally, you can ensure to use the right ear tips along with your swim cap, as swimming headphones come with a wide range of options. Check them all out and select the ones that fit you the best.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones Underwater While Swimming?

Bluetooth connectivity signals cannot travel long-distance underwater, so using them during swimming may not be convenient as you are likely not to have your audio source with you.

However, you can pair your smartwatch with your swimming goggles. This way, you can stream music on your headphones, although not all headphones or watches support this feature.

How Does Water Protection Work Effectively?

Headphones designed to be waterproof are protected with a hydrophobic coating to block off the water. They can work just as regular headphones as the water cannot reach the electronics inside.

The efficiency of this feature varies according to the IPX waterproof rating, and not all waterproof headphones have equal protection.

Can You Wear AirPods When Swimming?

You can, but we don't recommend it. The AirPods aren't waterproof and they could potentially get damaged if you wear them swimming. Plus, they might not stay in your ears as well when you're wet.

What are the disadvantages of bone conduction headphones?

One potential disadvantage of bone conduction headphones is that they may not be as effective in people with a lot of hair. The headphone vibrations can get trapped in the hair, preventing them from reaching the skull and transmitting sound to the inner ear.

Another potential disadvantage is that they may not be as effective for people with a lot of earwax. The earwax can block the vibrations and prevent them from reaching the inner ear.

Finally, some people find that bone conduction headphones are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Final Thoughts on Best Swimming Headphones

After this article, we hope you can make your choice easier among the best swimming headphones. Whether you want to use your set on land and water, have an excellent wireless range, or have better battery life, you can pick from any of the water-resistant headphones discussed above.

These pieces have been carefully selected to give you the best possible value for your money. Furthermore, we have ensured that they provide top-notch quality to compete with even the priciest headphones in the market.

Do not forget to click the Amazon links for further information and find the best swimming headphones for you!

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