Whether biking, hiking, or participating in a marathon, the neckband headphones are your best companion. Being a sports enthusiast and a music lover is an exciting combination. However, ordinary headphones can’t suffice as they can slide off the head while running.

Check out the article for the best neckband headphones, their selling points, and our FAQ section.

Thanks to evolving technology, the neckband headphones feature an ergonomic design that stays in its place around the neck without making you uncomfortable.

Our Selection Process

Finding apt neckband headphones can be tricky, especially when you can find all kinds of neckband headphones in the market. The following guide shortlists the best neckband headphones based on design, style, battery life, affordability, and, most importantly, audio quality.

Beginning with the build quality, steel offers robustness; however, these neckband headphones come with a pricier tag. Conversely, neckbands with sturdy plastic bodies also ensure longevity, are lightweight, and are a safe investment.

The neckband headphones can primarily be divided into wired and wireless, with wired neckband headphones perfect for streaming. However, Bluetooth wireless neckband earphones save the user from the hassle of managing the cable.

Isolation and noise cancellation are must-have features for music lovers. The good news is that the shortlisted earbuds are designed to perfectly seal the ear to prevent external noise and distraction.

LG HBS-SL5 Neckband Earbuds

Best Overall Neckband Headphones

LG HBS-SL5 Neckband Earbuds

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Why You Should Buy It

If you want to immerse yourself in three-dimensional audio that offers precise treble and deep bass, the LG HBS-SL5 Neckband Earbuds are perfect. It’s one of the lightweight wireless neckband headphones with soft ear tips which don’t make your ears warm or uncomfortable.

One of the most significant reasons behind investing in these best neckband wireless earbuds is the extended battery life which offers eight hours of music play time and talk time. Not only that, but these neckband headphones provide a standby time of 18 days, making them your perfect companion while traveling or hiking.

If you are in a hurry, you can recharge the neckband for ten minutes for the next three hours of use, which is excellent.

You won’t miss any call or text notifications thanks to the vibration alert. Similarly, the dual microphones feature two mics to offer crystal-clear audio. The wireless earbuds feature multi-layer metal for crisp sound quality.

You can conveniently store the neckband thanks to the retractable earbuds. All you need to do is pull the wire to extend the wireless earbuds and pull again to retract them to the original position.

What to Look Out For

The LG HBL-SL5 Neckband Earbuds are one-for-all and all-for-one headphones offering outstanding features, such as a microphone, compact design, and volume control.

Since the wireless earbuds feature a compact design, they don't offer complete noise cancellation. Nonetheless, you don’t cut off from the surroundings while working out or running.

Muitune i35 Earbuds Microphone Headset

Best Midrange Option

Muitune i35 Earbuds Microphone Headset

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Why You Should Buy It

From extended battery life to crystal clear sound, the Muitune i35 Earbuds Microphone Headset has got it all covered. The package includes wireless neckband headphones, a USB-C charging cable, a storage cable, and ear caps.

Courtesy of the 1,000mAh polymer battery, you can enjoy 120 hours of playtime at 80 percent volume. Similarly, you can charge for ten minutes using the USB-C port for ten hours of playback, which is outstanding.

These featureful neckband headphones come with amature driver and a 10mm neodymium diaphragm to guarantee balanced sound quality. Also, the Aluminum alloy cavity is responsible for preventing external interference from degrading the internal sound signal.

The ultra-soft silicone earbuds are less than five grams and easily fit inside the ear without discomfort or irritation. Another good news is that the neckband comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, to fit all types of ears.

The neckband features two rings on either side, allowing you to adjust the cable length accordingly. Finally, the magnetic functions hold the earbuds together to prevent cable tangling during storage or traveling.

What to Look Out For

If you want a Bluetooth neckband compatible with all devices, it’s best to buy the Muitune i35 Earbuds Microphone Headset. Because of the Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, you don't have to worry about lag or latency while streaming music.

The buttons on the ends certainly help you control the sound; however, the buttons are relatively shallow. Hence, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the buttons while operating during a run.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2

Best Budget Neckband Headphones

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2

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Why You Should Buy It

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to over-compromise on the audio and build quality, it’s best to buy the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2.

These neckband headphones come with a lightweight, flexible neckband featuring moldable plastic that conveniently fits around the neck. You can use the S clip to adjust the fitting while securing the cable to prevent tangling.

The earbuds feature an ergonomic oval and angled nozzle, which can align with the ear’s natural shape to ensure outside noise cancellation and comfortable fitting. This way, you can enjoy rich bass with accurate high and low frequencies.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on any important call as you can receive the call and use the microphone. Don’t know how to switch from the playback to the call? No worries, you can simply remove the left earbud and answer the call.

The sleek and compact neckband features buttons to adjust the volume or change the tracks on the go.

What to Look Out For

The Skullcandy Smokin’ 2 is an allrounder neckband headphone with two pairs of additional ear gels, including small and medium, and a USB charging cable. You can adjust the collar fitting around the neck, which is a plus.

Unlike the previously discussed neckbands, this headphone offers only six hours of playback time, which is comparatively lesser. Also, it takes around 2.5 hours to charge the neckband headphones completely.

Sony WI-XB400 In-Ear Headphones

Best For Bass Heads

Sony WI-XB400 In-Ear Headphones

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Why You Should Buy It

If you prioritize overall sound quality and rich bass, the Sony WI-XB400 In-Ear Headphones are perfect. You can enjoy the precise sound thanks to the 12mm driver units. All you need to do is select between the available ear tips in your ear canals to enjoy the surround sound experience.

The advanced Bluetooth connectivity offers lag-free sound and clutter-free storage. The quick charging technology allows you to recharge the headphone for 10 minutes to enjoy music while running for the next hour. Also, it takes three hours to fully charge while offering an extended battery life for the next 15 hours.

The magnetic feature is extremely handy for storing the neckband headphone while traveling.

One of the most significant advantages of buying these hi-tech neckband headphones is the compatibility with Google voice assistant for hands-free calling and voice prompts. Similarly, you can easily pair it with any Bluetooth Android and iOS devices and laptops.

What to Look Out For

The Sony WI-XB400 In-Ear Headphones are affordable neckband headphones offering crisp sound quality, comfortable fitting, and extended battery life.

Moreover, Sony doesn’t compromise on the build quality, thus ensuring a safe and long-term investment.

On the other hand, the length between the earbuds and available controls is relatively longer, making it difficult for users to access the settings.

Neckband Headphones FAQs

You must be excited to buy any of the neckband headphones discussed in the above guide.

Whether you want an affordable version or a premium model offering outstanding bass and treble, the above guide has covered everything.

Who Should Buy Neckband Headphones?

A neckband headphone is a must for hikers, runners, bikers, and other people who are into outdoor activities, gym, and workouts. One of the most significant reasons behind buying a neckband headphone is that it stays in its place irrespective of your movement.

Is Neckband or Traditional Headphones Better?

Selecting a neckband or traditional headphones entirely depends on your usage and preference.

For instance, hardcore gamers and musicians prefer traditional headphones, while sports enthusiasts are inclined toward neckbands. Obviously, the traditional headphone can easily slip off the head while running; however, the neckband earbuds will stay in place.

Similarly, if you find the traditional headphones heavy around the head, it’s better to switch to the neckband to ensure comfort.

However, traditional headphones offer better active noise cancellation than neckband earbuds. Hence, as a user, you can weigh the pros and cons of both headphones and select according to your requirement.

How Should I Choose Neckband Headphones?

Neckbands offer convenience with style, comfort, higher battery life, and other add-ons, such as active noise canceling. You can select between in-ear neckband headphones versus over-ear headphones based on personal preference. For instance, in-ear earbuds are compact, while over-ear Bluetooth headphones encapsulate the ears, thus preventing background noise.

Similarly, you also need to check the wireless or wired connection because streaming lags on Bluetooth. Conversely, it’s difficult to manage and store the cable.

Finally, you must invest in a neckband made of durable material to survive a whole HIIT session or heavy weight lifting.

Final Thoughts On Neckband Headphones

A neckband is a safe and long-term investment for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

The key takeaway of the above guide is to present the reviews of the best wireless neckband headphones offering outstanding sound quality.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for premium neckbands when you can buy any of the neckbands shortlisted above.

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