Whether traveling, hiking, or doing outdoor activities, a power bank qualifies as a perfect companion to charge your phone or tablet. Lucky for you, the following article reviews the best Anker power banks based on charging speed, portability, and, most importantly, affordability.

If you want to stay connected to the digital world and don’t want the phone battery to drain out, it’s best to invest in a reliable Anker power bank. You can save yourself from the hassle of finding the nearest charging port in restaurants, train stations, and airports if you carry a portable Anker power bank.

Our Selection Process

People often find themselves at a crossroads while selecting a power bank, as you need to check multiple specs, such as watts, battery life, amps, compatibility, and connectors. Don’t worry; the following guide considers all these factors while shortlisting the top-rated Anker power banks.

The first consideration while selecting the Anker power bank is the battery capacity. It determines how many devices a power bank can charge and how much time. Another significant consideration while buying an Anker power bank is the weight.

However, weight and power are inversely correlated. It means the power banks of higher capacity weigh more. Nonetheless, you can tradeoff between the two based on your usage.

For instance, if you want to charge Macbooks and tablets, buying a power bank with a higher power is best. However, you can buy a portable and slim power bank to charge smartphones on the go.

Finally, other essential features play an integral role in the selection process. The good news is that Anker power banks are compatible with most devices. Similarly, some power banks come with two or more ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Let's take a look at our selected best power banks from Anker.

Anker 737 Power Bank

Best Premium Power Bank

Anker 737 Power Bank

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Why You Should Buy It

If you prioritize lightweight and slim design, look no further. The Anker 737 Power Bank features a portable design making it easy to carry with you and charge your smartphones on the go. One of the most distinctive features of this dynamic power bank is the two-way charging.

Courtesy of the power delivery (PD) 3.1 coupled with dual-directional technology, you can either recharge the bank or receive an output of 140W charge. This way, Anker has successfully kept the design compact with only one bi-directional port.

The smart digital display comes in handy, allowing you to read the input and output power. For instance, the display shows the remaining battery, USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and time to recharge. This way, you can have an accurate estimation of the recharging time.

Another plus of buying the Anker 737 power bank is that it allows you to recharge up to three devices simultaneously. Hence, you can recharge smartphones, iPods, and smartwatches while working. Also, you can charge a Macbook Pro up to 50 percent in just 40 minutes, which is excellent.

Finally, the two-year warranty ensures a safe and long-term investment.

What to Look Out For

The Anker 737 Power Bank offers a higher battery capacity of 24,000mAh to recharge the iPad Pro 1.3 times and iPhone 13 five times with a single recharge. In addition, the power bank comes with a welcome guide and 140 watts USB-C to USB-C cable.

Since the power bank doesn’t compromise on features, compatibility, and capacity, it certainly comes with a higher price tag.

Anker 337 Power Bank

Best All-Round Power Bank 

Anker 337 Power Bank

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Why You Should Buy It

If you don’t want to compromise on the charging capacity, the Anker 337 Power Bank won’t disappoint you. The power bank offers a battery capacity of 26800mAh, enough to recharge smartphones six times and tablets two times.

The good news is you can recharge the power bank to 100 percent battery within six hours using both input USB-A ports. However, you should know that the power bank doesn't come with a wall plug.

The Anker 337 Power Bank comes with two micro USB cables and a welcome guide. Also, the 18-month warranty guarantees a safe investment, and customer services always assist you if you face any issues while recharging the phone.

Finally, the welcome guide facilitates the users in operating the power bank, understanding the buttons, and locating the USB ports.

What to Look Out For

Despite being affordable, the Anker 337 Power Bank comes with three high-speed output USB-A ports featuring PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology.

On the downside, the power bank isn’t compatible with Qualcomm quick charge. Hence, you won’t be able to fast recharge the Samsung devices.

Nonetheless, thanks to the dual micro-USB input of 20W, you can enjoy 2x recharge speed compared to other power banks.

Anker 321 Power Bank

Best Compact & Lightweight Power Bank

Anker 321 Power Bank

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Why You Should Buy It

If you are a frequent traveler, it’s best to buy a lightweight and portable power bank to carry in your pocket or backpack.

The Anker 321 Power Bank suffices your recharging requirements by offering a 5,2000mAH battery capacity. So, for instance, you can recharge iPhone 13 to 98 percent within two hours.

It’s an all-rounder power bank with two feet USB-A to USB-C cable and a welcome guide. Anker doesn’t compromise on post-sales services and offers an 18-month warranty.

If you are worrying about overcharging sensitive devices, such as Bluetooth earbuds, you can enable the trickle-charging mode. Then, all you need to do is to press the button twice to enable the low-power mode.

What to Look Out For

The Anker 321 is a small-sized power bank that can recharge Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, iPhone 12, and 13 phones.

Not only that, but you can recharge two devices simultaneously with a total output power of 12W. However, you need to use one USB-A and another USB-C port, and USB-A isn’t as fast as the USB Type-C port.

Also, the power bank doesn’t include a USB-C port for the integrated lightning cable, which you need to buy separately. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent power bank for users who want to buy a slim and portable charger.

Anker Portable 313 Power Bank

Best Affordable Power Bank

Anker Portable 313 Power Bank

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Why You Should Buy It

The Anker Portable 313 Power bank is one of the most advanced high-capacity yet budget-friendly power banks offering a battery of 10000mAh. Hence, you can recharge Galaxy S20 1.6 times, iPhone 12 for 2.25 times, and iPad mini 5 for 1.2 times, which is excellent.

It’s an advanced power bank with state-of-the-art safety features, such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection, and temperature control. Hence, you don’t need to worry about overheating or damaging your sensitive gadgets.

The Anker Portable 313 power bank has a micro USB cable and a welcome guide. Also, you can enjoy a warranty of 18 months which guarantees a safe investment in the longer run.

What to Look Out For

Whether you want to recharge your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, the Anker Portable 313 Power Bank covers everything.

It’s a versatile power bank featuring VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies to ensure ultra-fast charging, which doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

You can also enable the trickle mode to recharge low-power devices, such as Bluetooth headphones and smartwatches.

On the downside, the power bank doesn’t come with a USB-C port-to-lightning cable. Nonetheless, the power bank offers faster recharge. Hence, you may not need to buy an additional cable.

Best Anker Power Banks FAQs

Anker is known to be one of the most renowned power bank providers, with more than 55 million satisfied customers.

Hence, you don’t need to have any doubts about the performance of the Anker power banks.

Are Anker Chargers Worth It?

Without any doubt, yes. The Anker portable chargers are compact yet stylish and sleek power banks that offer lighting-fast charging.

Anker is one of the most renowned brands designing state-of-the-art mobile accessories. Not only that, but these portable power banks feature impressive designs, which is a plus.

One of the most significant advantages of buying an Anker power bank is that they are lightweight and portable; hence, you can carry them in your pocket or bag.

What Devices Can You Charge With an Anker Power Bank?

The Anker power bank supports a USB-C port and micro USB cables, offering compatibility with several smart devices.

The good news is that the advanced USB-C power delivery allows you to charge iPhone 8, 8+, iPhone XS, X, XS Max, XR, 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, Macbook, and Google Pixel. In addition, it means you can recharge the iPhone to 50 percent within 30 minutes, which is excellent.

However, the Anker power banks with USB-C power delivery come with an expensive price tag.

What Is the Most Powerful Anker Power Bank?

The rule of thumb is that the power depends on the size. For instance, a pocket-size power bank offers lesser power than medial and big chargers.

Generally speaking, the pocket Anker charger features power ranging from 3000 to 9000 mAh, while the medium charges come with 9000 to 15000 mAh power. Finally, the big power bank offers a decent capacity to charge laptops by providing more than 15000 mAh of power.

Final Thoughts On Best Anker Power Banks

Your smartphones allow you to stay connected with your friends, family, colleagues, and office. Hence, you can’t afford to have a low phone battery.

An Anker power bank is a must-have accessory if you are a frequent traveler with a heavy dependency on gadgets, such as smartwatches, iPads, and laptops. Whichever power bank you select from the above list, you won't regret your decision.

Happy Shopping!

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